Monday, December 18, 2006

Bookie basher digeridoo each way bet system

A horse racing each way bet system for national hunt handicap (Jump) racing "only".. "Simple to use" no calculating , you don't even have to buy a news paper, if you have internet access. You can get all the information needed to choose the selections from the eachway bet system here at Racecards. One glance at the race card is all you need to have to see your selections. No knoledge of racing needed..
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This each way/place bet system has worked for a friend of mine in New Zealand . I have tested it here in England and it works. Let me tell you what the friend wrote that gave me the the system. I nearly wet my pants when I read it.. It's realy funny.. But best and of all is, "it seems to work.. Here's what he wrote: "Now, out of the goodness of my heart I'm going to let you Pom in on a system I used to use back in Oz and have started to use over here.Look mate - it's easy. This system used to have my bookie Down Under running for cover quicker than a joey with a red hot didgeridoo up his backside"......
I sugest you just watch
this system in action and only then decide if you want to use this system.
Now if your clever, you will open an account
with all the 12 main bookies online, put say 20 euros in each account,
the reason for this is: You will get the best morning odds if you compare the
odds with the bookmakers online. What is even better is an account with Betfair
Take the best odds on offer and start if you wish with the minimum
wager 1 euro each way, or even 50 cent each way...
Now this is not a get rich in one day
system, but you should beat the bookie into submission in the long run.
Be clever, just becaus you win a few bob the first week, dont loose
the plot and start investing more than you can afford, and wait at least a few weeks before you start raising your wager, make sure you have at least won seven times what you have started with, 14 times is safer, go for a 50% raise after 1 month an so on and so on...

I always take the best odds on offer in the morning, because some
bookies are offering 50/1, while others only offer as low as 25/1 for the same selection.
Updated nearly every day at 11:00 am..
Don't be put off by some very high odds of the selections. It is in the nature of the system often to give realy big price selections. That's what stings the bookies and fills your pockets..
I knew when I read how the systen worked, that it was logical, clever, and a realy smart way to get back at the bookies. .. Something to use for life.. Well worth €15

I keep a record of how the system is doing, updated daily.
Click here to go to Bookie Basher's digeridoo each way national hunt bet system
Latest big winners from the system. Prices are taken from morning best prices from major bookies.. Betfair prices can be up to 20% higher.......................................................................Patrixtoo 100/1 placed .Mac Federal 22/1 Won Heltornic 14/1 Won ....Millenum Royal 33/1 Won.........Lyrical lilly 11/1 Won....Phareight Dei 5/1 Won.... It's Rumoured 28/1 WON.. Migwell 6/1 WON.. Another Conquest 14/1 WON.. Paddy's Tern 9/1 WON.. Laertes 16/1 Won.. Dempsey 9/1 Won..Moyne Pleasure 8/1 Won..Gastornis 25/1 WON..Knighton Lad 12/1 WON..Romany Prince 40/1 WON..Nautic 100/1 PLACED..Idol First12/1 WON.. Celtic Major 50/1 WON..Malaga Boy 11/1 WON.. Young Smokey 8/1Won..Strolling Vagabond 7/1WON..Brave Vision 14/1WON..Buffy 40/1 PLACED..Return Ticket 9/1 WON..Touch Closer 28/1 WON..BenBritten 11/2WON..

When you know how the system works, you can beat the bookie into submission

Anyone that is interested in making a donation of €5 to help maintaining the site is more than welcome, by donating you will get the full details of how the betsystem works. You can e-mail me at